Java backend developer

CSI DSP project is aiming to create a Company Shipping Platform offering similar to Metapack and Centiro SaaS products.

DSP will be providing Company customers with one-stop-shop to book shipments with all Company divisions. DSP API will be connecting customers with Company divisional shipping APIs while DSP Platform UI will allow customer representatives to configure parameters of DSP engine and correspondent users, view ordered shipments status etc.

Solution is developed with „API-first“, „cloud-native“ paradigms in mind and will be fully based on GCP GKE and other PaaS services.

Looking for Backend/microservices developer to implement DSP APIs (for consumption by UI components as well as Company integration partners and customers) who is experienced in Spring Boot, Spring 5, microservice patterns, cloud-native development and usage of GCP PaaS services like Cloud SQL, Memorystore etc. Practical K8s knowledge and experience (preferably GKE).

Other skills:

Practical experience with backend miceoservices/API development in Java is a must. Previous experience with ITS tools/practices is a plus