Frontend Developer (Typescript, Vue.JS, Sharepoint)

Front-end development of new API Use-Case library. This is Vue.js application code based on Sharepoint.

Main technologies used:

  • Frontend development in Typescrypt
  • Vue Framework
  • Sharepoint

Additional technologies :

  • Npm, js and Node.js
  • Css and SCSS
  • Webpack
  • Bootstrap
  • Webpack

Some QnA about the project below:

What is the purpose of the project?

Building a modern UI for all the DHL’s API use-cases. The site would be used by all internal organization to understand what we are doing with APIs and what APIs people can reuse.

What is the structure of the team where the dev joins?

The team is just starting. There are two other VueJS developers in the neighboring team from IoT CoE, who are working on the upstream version of the Use Case Library. I believe there can be some knowledge exchange.

How is the work organized for the dev team (e.g. Scrum) ?

Whatever works best: Probably Kanban or Scrum, dependent on how many resources will join over time.

Is the VueJS already determined as FE framework? if yes, which version (v2 or v3)?

The development will start with VueJS Version 2.6. an upgrade to version v3 is planned to be discussed (with the developer)

Would the UI design with UX practices be provided?

For the first version, the UX is already in place (see IoTLibrary). For upgrades, a UX resources might be added

Is there some BE integration? if yes, what is it (REST, GraphQL..)

The VueJS part is calling a REST endpoint of Sharepoint. Sharepoint is the data management part of the solution using the following component: SP-REST-Proxy ( Further readings: .

Please see for VueJS code.

Any tests (unit, integration) are practice?

Tests are on open topic to be addressed.

Any other skills required from FE dev (deployment, monitoring)?

The criticality of this project is yet to be defined. The current understanding is that basic monitoring can be covered with tools and resources of the CoE/DevOps team (e.g. uptrends). Deployment is easy.