Azure Architect

Looking for an Azure hands on architect to provide guidance and hands on support on GRACE project:

  • validating of existing solution architecture (attached) and proposing improvements in terms of scalability, availability, performance improvements and automation. E.g.: introduction of GitHub Actions, automated security scans, potential usage of Azure Security Center, securing data in transit communications for APIs exposed on AKS.
  • creating a concept of monitoring and alerting and it’s implementation using Azure PaaS services and ITS internal tools (e.g. SPLUNK)
  • validating and improving Azure network segregation, security perimeter setup etc

Other skills:

  • in depth knowledge of Azure and cloud concepts. Specifically:
  • CICD (Github, Azure DevOps)
  • AKS and load balancing
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure ExpressRoute
  • Azure PaaS services private endpoints
  • knowledge of/experience with DHL ITS network infrustructure and processes is a big advantage
  • Language:English